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Management Outline for the Use of the Conference Room in Kinmen Airport


Kinmen Airport (Hereinafter as the Airport) specially set up this outline to develop the usage of the conference room and maintain the facility's cleanliness and safety.


The usage of the Airport conference room is limited only to government organizations and the airport stationed units, and is limited to only government official activity.


Government organizations shall apply to the Airport seven days before the usage day, and the airport units shall apply to the Airport five days before the usage day, fill in the application form (see attachment), and after being approved, the organization or unit can enter from the back entrance to decorate the conference room for usage. After the usage, the conference room shall be return to its original state, and it shall be completed by 8:00 am on the next working day, at the latest.


Lending time: 9:00~180:00 every day.


For places that have been approved for usage, when encountering a temporary emergency or other important usage matter, the Airport may coordinate for an extension or find other location for the borrowing unit.


The borrowing unit is responsible for maintaining the various facilities of the conference room and the cleaning and restoration work, after using the conference room, the waste shall be cleaned up immediately after the activity ends, if the facilities are damaged, the borrowing unit shall be responsible for repair or compensation.


The using unit may hang up posters, promotions, and logos in the Airport designated location; however, it is not allowed to hang up anything anywhere which will affect the look of the Airport.


Equipment in the conference room shall be operated or monitored by the Airport staff; to maintain safety, users are not allowed to enter the mechanical room.


If the borrowing units have the following circumstances, the conference room will not be borrowed; if any circumstances listed below are found after being approved for usage, the borrowing shall cease.

1) Activity that violates government laws and regulations, policy, social safety, or disturbs social orders.
2) Contents that do not match the application contents or transferring the usage of the conference room to others or other
 organizations without the approval of the Airport.
3) The activity contents damage the equipment, and the Airport considers continuous usage to be inappropriate.
4) The activity content or items easily create conflicts or protests.
5) Other matters that are considered inappropriate for borrowing.


The safety maintenance and public orders shall be handled by the borrowing unit during the usage period

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