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Information Security Policy Declaration for the Website of Kinmen Aurport, Civil Aeronautical Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communication.
  The operation guidelines are stipulated to enhance information management in different departments and establish a safe and reliable organization to safeguard the security of information, systems, equipment, and the network.
  These operation guidelines are made in accordance with "Information Security Management Essentials of the Executive Yuan and Its Subordinating Agencies" with reference to related laws and regulations, such as "Act of Computer Processing of Personal Data" and the "National Secret Protection Law."
  It is the purpose of information security to ensure the accuracy of data processing, the operators' loyalty, the reliability of office machines (including computer software and hardware, peripherals, etc) and the network. In addition, it also safeguards the abovementioned resources to be free of interference, damage, intrusion, or any other malicious behavior and intentions.
  The organizations enumerated in the operation guidelines refer to all the sections and offices, Chimei Airport and Wanan Airport.
  The information security policy mentioned in the operation guidelines refers to the regulations, measures, standards, norms and codes of practice of information security management stipulated to fulfill the goals of information security.
  Scope of Information Security
  There are ten major items in information security: stipulation and evaluation of information security, organization and responsibility of information security, security management and staff training, security management of computer systems, network security management, system access control, system development and safety maintenance management, security management of information assets, hardware and environmental security management, sustaining operation and planning management.
  Evaluation of Information Security Policy
  The operation guidelines should undergo independent and objective evaluation every year to reflect the information security management policy, law, technology of the government and the latest conditions of the business units to ensure the practical operation of information security, and the validity and applicability of the practices of information security.
  The assessment of the operation guidelines will be conducted with the means of information security to relevant units or personnel regularly or irregularly. The contents include: information facilities and system provider, information and information owners, users, managers, webmasters, and other related personnel.
  The information owners should assess and evaluate the software and hardware regularly regarding the safety to meet the security standard. The objects of evaluation should include the operation system, to ensure the accurate and effective implementation of the software and hardware.
  The units utilizing the information security system should cooperate to conduct the information security assessment and to evaluate if the personnel obey the policy and other related rules and regulations of information security.
  Promotion of Information Security Policy and Regulations:
  Rules and regulations related to the role played and the responsibilities taken by the information security personnel are all enumerated in the operation manual.
  Personnel who violate related rules and regulations of information security will be penalized with the due process of law.
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