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Getting to Kinmen Airport

From Taiwan or Penghu: by air from Taipei, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, or Magong
From Shuitou Harbor:
  1. Holders of the "mini-three links" pass can take shuttle buses designated by airlines to get to Kinmen Airport.
  2. For general passengers: by taxi or by bus (see Kinmen Airport--Shuitou Harbor shuttle bus timetables) (7, 7A, 7B) and connect to Buses Redline 1, 1A or 3 at Jincheng Station to get to the Airport.
  3. Kinmen residents: Drive or take Buses Redline 1, 1A or 3 at Shanwai or Jincheng Stations. (See the bus and ferry timetable by Kinmen County Bus & Ferry Management Office.)
Getting to Kinmen Airport
●Kinmen Airport , CAA , MOTC
●․Tel :886-82-322381 Fax:886-82-328506
●Emergency Tel:886-82-320028 ,313636
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