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Dear friends, welcome to the website of Kinmen Airport. It is our major concern to respect and protect your privacy.   In order to help you understand how Kinmen Airport's website protects your rights, please read the following information carefully. Concerning the applicability of the policy, the Privacy Policy below is in force while you are logged onto Kinmen Airport's website regarding the collection, utilization, and protection of the information you gather for personal purposes; however, it is not applicable to the websites of other institutions forwarded by our links. When you visit the links provided by Kinmen Airport, please observe relevant privacy policies of those respective websites and Kinmen Airport shall not be responsible thereof. When you visit these relevant links, respective disclaimers and privacy policies are applicable concerning the security of personal information. Concerning your personal information, Kinmen Airport will not collect any personal information if you are only browsing through our website and downloading necessary information. Kinmen Airport is responsible to protect the privacy of all applicants and we will not change or delete any suggestions made by the people in the forum except for the following circumstances:


Anything that violates the regulations of our website. For example, any insulting, belligerent, or arrogant language that appears in the forum.


To protect or safeguard related personal rights or ownership.


To protect the rights of Kinmen Airport's related units.



The Airport will never sell, exchange, or loan any of your personal data to other organizations, individuals, or private enterprises except for the following circumstances:


To cooperate with the lawful investigation of judicial institutions.


To cooperate with relevant organizations for investigation or utilization for official needs.


To utilize related information for managerial purposes based on benign intentions and legal needs or maintenance and improvement of the website.



Guidelines for citing the information in Kinmen Airport's website:

The copyrights of all the information in Kinmen Airport's website (including text and graphics) belong to Kinmen Airport (excluding relevant links provided by our website).


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