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Management outline for wheelchair borrowing service in Kinmen Airport


May 17, 2007


Kinmen Airport, CAA (Hereinafter as the Airport) in order to strengthen the usage and management of wheelchairs, and provide passengers with disabilities and people, who are on business, with a comfortable assistance tool, has specially set up this outline.


The wheelchairs used in this outline refer to the wheelchairs provided by the Airport Information Center.


The wheelchair borrowing service is limited to the Airport passengers and the Airport stationed units, and the application to the Airport information center shall be made beforehand.


When done with the wheelchair, the borrowing unit (personnel) shall return the wheelchair to the information center within the limited time. If due to no special reasons, and the wheelchair is not returned on time, the Airport will stop the borrowing service.


The Airport information center personnel and the borrowing unit (personnel) shall pay attention to the safety and cleanness of the wheelchair. If there is any damage or if dysfunction occurs during usage, to maintain the safety of the disabled people, please stop using the wheelchair immediately and return it to the Airport for repair.


The borrowing unit (personnel) must maintain the wheelchair and maintains responsibility to the wheelchair borrowed. If due to purposeful or inappropriate usage, which results in damage to the wheelchair, the unit (personnel) shall be responsible for repair or compensation.


If passengers and the airport stationed unit (personnel) need to borrow the wheelchair, please apply at the information center. An application form will be required to be filled in, and ID or cash will be needed as a deposit. (See attachment)


The outline shall become effective as of the date of promulgation, if there are any matters not covered by these outlines, the regulations can be revised accordingly by the Airport at any time.

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