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Domestic Airline Check In Baggage Regulation

Airline Model Check-in baggage
 (Unit: cm)
Weight Limit Carry-on baggage
 (Unit: cm)
Weight Limit Limited amount
立榮航空公司 Uniair ATR72-600 width 138 ×height 157 30 Kgs 56 × 36 × 23 7 Kgs 1
A321 width 202 × height 185 30 Kgs 56 × 36 × 23 7 Kgs 1
遠東航空公司 FAR-Eastern MD80 width 103 × height 72 32 Kgs 56 × 36 × 23 7 Kgs 1
華信航空公司 Mandarin-airlines ERJ190   32 Kgs 56 × 36 × 23 7 Kgs 1

Note: The size of checked baggage cannot exceed 158 cm (length+ width+ height), and the length, width, and height of the  baggage shall not exceed the door width of the relevant models, and will only be accepted when able to go through the X- ray machine.
This table is only used as reference, Please contact airlines for specific baggage policies.

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