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Act Governing the Official Document Fax Operation

Article 1

The Act is set up in accordance with Article 12.1 of the Act Governing the Forms of Official Documents.

Article 2

The official document fax operation is in accordance with the regulations of this Act, in addition to other law regulations. However, for regulations listed by the Office of the President, the Legislative Yuan, Judicial Yuan, Examination Yuan and Control Yuan shall prevail.
The Act is applied to public organizations and schools.

Article 3

The fax named in this Act refers to the transfer method in which the sender uses a telephone, etc. communication equipment to transfer documents through the telecom network to where and the receiver will be able to receive a copy of the document from the communication equipment.

Article 4

Various organizations shall assign units or appropriate personnel to be in charge of handling official document fax operation.

Article 5

Official fax documents shall be limited to the official document regulations in Article 2.1.4 and 2.1.6 of the Act
Governing the Forms of Official Documents:
1.  The official document is confidential.

2.  The receiver of the official document is a civilian, institution or non-institutional group.

3.  The attachment of the official document is a large amount of files, books, pictures, or chart that is
     bigger  than A4 size.

4.  Official documents that may affect its accuracy due to faxing.

Article 6

Official documents that involve important matters and are required to be handled by the organization may be faxed first and the original documents shall be submitted later and noted.

Article 7

The handling personnel shall note the original official document that is going to be faxed, which can be faxed after it has been reviewed, approved, stamped with a seal or signed and numbered.

Article 8

The fax of an official document shall use the original document. If it's a copy, it shall be approved first;  this is also the same for attachments.

Article 9

The procedure for official document fax operation is listed as follows:

1.  Register in the fax official document table (book), record the receiver, and issue number, reason,
     transfer date, time, page and contracted unit (personnel), etc.

2.  Stamp with the seal of the fax operation personnel on the appropriate position of the official document.

3.  Dial the receiver's fax number, confirm the receiver's identity and start the transfer.

4.  After the fax is sent, call the receiver to ensure the fax page amount is correct. The fax copy shall be
     stamped with the fax document seal and be attached to the original draft and then filed.

Article 10

When the receiver unit's fax operation handling personnel receives the official document fax, he/she shall stamp on the document with the fax received seal, note the page number, stamp with a seal on the perforation, and handle in accordance with the document receiving procedure.

If the above-mentioned official document fax does not have enough pages or there are other related problems, the fax operation handling personnel shall contact the issuing authority to amend the difference.

Article 11

The quality and specs of the official document fax paper shall be in accordance with the regulation standard.

Article 12

Organizations may make the seals required for handing official document fax operation by them.

Article 13

To meet the actual operational demands, the organizations may set up official document fax operation outline in accordance with this Act and the relevant regulations.

Article 14

The custody, confidentiality and other matters regarding official document fax shall be handled in accordance with the affair management regulation and its manual, etc. relevant regulations.

Article 15

These Regulations shall become effective as of the date of promulgation.

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