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Application regulations for pass permits


The Airport has one reception room and one attached temporary parking lot for VIPs; the application and usage will be handled in accordance with the regulation.


The qualification identifying standards for applying to use the reception room are as follows:

1.  Guests invited by a government agency

2.  Service rank higher than a Lieutenant General and can show proof of his/her identification

3.  Position rank as a director-general of a central government organization or higher

4.  Position rank as a deputy- head of government stationed in Kinmen County and the magistrate or higher

5.  Position rank as a speaker of county council or higher

6.  Approved in accordance with the actual condition by the Airport managers


Units that apply for the use of reception room must apply for use of the attached temporary parking lot, however, the vehicle license number shall be filled in on the application form and it shall be limited to business vehicles of the central government agency), in addition to being approved by the airport managers in a non-emergency condition, personnel shall be sent to the airport to fill in the "Application form for use of the reception room" (three copies: the first one is kept by the airport; the second shall be sent to the Airport Police Bureau by the applying unit. With the copy, the airport police will allow the unit to enter; however, the airport police shall still handle the security inspection according to their responsibility. The third one shall be sent to the stationed airline company and the airline company shall send personnel to welcome the guests) a day before arrival, or download the application form from the airport website (http: //www.kma.gov.tw), fill it in, and fax to the airport (FAX: 082-328506).


The reception room is only to be used to greet and see off VIPs, therefore, it is not allowed to be used for any other purpose without being approved, and it is prohibited to access the room without a work related purpose.


The Airport only provides the reception room (attached to a temporary parking lot) and tea and water for the applying unit to use for free, the reception room shall be kept tidy and the applying unit shall clean up and return the reception room to its original appearance.


Time allocation for applying for use of the reception room is as follows:

1.  Greet the VIPs: It is opened for use 30 minutes before the flight lands (arrival).

2.  See off the VIPs: It is opened for use 30 minutes before the flight takes off (departure)

3.  Depending on the situation an extension of use may be applied due to flight delays


An applying unit who is approved to use the reception room has to change or cancel the visit because of the schedule may contact the Airport responsible personnel directly. (Tel: 082-313612, Sales:  Hong Nian-Cih).


If there are any matters not covered by these outlines, the regulations can be revised accordingly by the Airport at any time.

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