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Application regulations for visiting Kinmen Airport


The regulations have been set up to enhance the service for people, advocate government policy efficiency, increase the understanding of people in the various operations and facilities of the airport, and maintain good interaction between the Airport and the industry.


Schools, organizations and groups can sign up as individual teams; however, individual personnel are not accepted. Considering the airport equipment space capacity and security control factors, each visiting group may only contain between 10~40 people each time.


Please apply online or apply by fax or mail 10 days before visiting the airport. The airport contact number is: (082)322380, fax: (082)328506, mailing address: NO2, SHANG YI AIRPORT, CHENG I VILLAGE, CHIN HU TOWNSHIP, KINMEN89146, TAIWAN, R.O.C.


The airport visiting time is open for the public from 9:00~11:00 and 14:00~16:00 Monday to Friday. Weekends and holidays are not open for the public. If, due to business requirements or some special reasons, the original scheduled visiting time cannot be processed on time, the Airport will inform the visiting party of an extension, and schedule for another date.


To maintain aviation safety, the visitors are prohibited from carry things that will endanger aviation safety for the activity. When entering the control zone, visitors shall deal with the security guards regarding security checks.


Visitors shall follow the airport security regulations during the visiting process, follow the instructions of the lead personnel to process the activity, and shall not act individually, especially on the apron, etc. control zones, smoking is prohibited to maintain aviation safety, and it is strictly prohibited to operate any equipment or read any documentation. People who violate the regulations will be punished according to the relevant laws and regulations.


Visiting groups shall apply for their own insurance matters. If the participants of the visiting group have changed, please inform the Airport 3 days before the activity.


If there are any matters not covered by these regulations, the regulations can be revised accordingly by the Airport.

Application Form Download

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