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Regulations Prohibiting Raising Pigeons

The Airport inspects the site on a regular basis, and checks the scenes of the reported cases to ensure flight safety; the range for the prohibition of raising pigeons in the vicinity of airport is: 5 km extend from the east and west sides of the runway, and 2.6 km extend from north and south side of the runway. According to Article 34 of the Civil Aviation Act, it is prohibited to raise pigeons in the vicinity of airport, otherwise, according to Article 118 of the Civil Aviation Act, the violation shall be subjected to a fine of NT$300,000 to NT$1,500,000.


Civil Aeronautics Administration Regulations regarding prohibition of raising pigeons in the vicinity of airport.


April 13, 1999. Hang-Guan-San (88) Tzu-No.11475

To facilitate the prohibition of raising pigeons, the CAA specially set up this regulation.


The regulation is applicable to the civil airports, military airports and airports promulgated by MOTC and relevant organizations.


The ranges within 35 degree extending from the 5 km radius circle which use the center point of the runway are prohibited from raising pigeons.


Each airport and the airport police bureau will accompany local police agencies and village chiefs or use doubled registered mail to send notification to pigeon raising households within the range, and give a limited period for applying for the compensation for removing or moving the pigeon coop.


After the airport receives the application form, it shall send personnel accompanied by a trusted architect, airport police bureau, local police organization personnel and local village chief to investigate, and price the site. The airport shall then send personnel for a second inspection.


If while the airport is doing the second inspection, they find that the pigeon raising household has not removes or moves the coop, a "compulsory removal letter" will be issued and the coop owner will be notified of the compulsory removal date.


The airport shall handle the compulsory removal work according to Article 6.


Before the airport implements the compulsory removal work, it shall notify the local government to send personnel to accompany the implementation, and the airport police bureau shall accompany the local police agency to maintain order at the scene.


The airport shall report and issue the "Punishment letter for the prohibition of raising pigeons in the vicinity of the airport" to the pigeon raising household who "does not apply for compensation for removing or moving the pigeon coop within the limited time" or "newly built" or "rebuild the pigeon coop", and subjected with a fine and compulsory removal the coop. Personnel who fail to pay the fine subjected according to the Act will be transferred to the court for compulsory implementation.


These regulations shall become effective on the date of amendment.

Distance Range for the Prohibition of Raising Pigeons in the Vicinity of the Airport (picture)
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