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Main Facilities

* Airport Facilities
Runway 06-24. Length—3,000meters. Width—45meters
Taxiway 1,400meters. Width—22. 5meters. North and parallel to the runway
Apron Size—28,300 square meters. With a capacity accommodating 6 MD—82 or A320 type airplanes.
Terminal Building Size—5,534 square meters (including offices and basement).
Cargo Station Size—1,100 square meters. Containing 4 shipping staircases and a conveyor.
Parking Lot Size—10,350 square meters. With the capacity to park 335 cars. 
Connecting Road Length—2,580 meters, connected to a highway leading to two townships.
Garden Size—196,314 square meters. With 2 wind lion statues and a water fountain.
* Navigational Equipment
  *  Kinmen Shang Yi Airport Control Tower. 
*  Localizer type directional aid (LDA). 
*  Non-directional beacon (NDB).
*  Distance Measuring Equipment (DME).
*  Instrument Landing System (ILS).
*  Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN)
*  Threshold Light 
*  Approach Light and Sequenced Flashers.
*  Crossbar Light
* Other Major Facilities
  *  Three 3,000 gallons fire engines
*  Two Vacuum Sweepers.
*  One 500KW generator
*  One set of digital monitoring system
*  Eight 120T air-conditioning hosts
*  One 100T air-conditioning hosts
*  Two 80T air-conditioning hosts
*  One 60T air-conditioning hosts
The runway Apron
Cargo terminal League wild road
Kinmen Airport control tower Fire truck
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●Kinmen Airport , CAA , MOTC
●․Tel :886-82-322381 Fax:886-82-328506
●Emergency Tel:886-82-320028 ,313636
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